Kiss-Off® Stain Remover


Kiss-Off® Stain Remover removes stains on the spot. It is unique because it needs just water to remove tough stains, including grease, lipstick, blood, grass stains, wine, coffee, and more! No harmful fumes, no liquid to spill, so it is safe to use at home, office, school, traveling, etc. Its convenient size makes it handy to take along anywhere a stain might find you.

Made in the USA with Domestic and Foreign Materials

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How to use Kiss-Off® Stain Remover

  1. Wet stain with water.
  2. Apply Kiss-Off® and work into the stain.
  3. Place a paper towel or cloth under the stained fabric to blot the stain through the fabric
  4. Rinse well. More than one application may be necessary.

Kiss-Off® Removes:

  • Wet and Dry Oil Paint
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Tempera Paint
  • Pencil Marks
  • Lipstick
  • Make-Up
  • Baby Spots
  • Wine
  • Grass Stains
  • Blood
  • Coffee
  • Pet Stains
  • Grease
  • Mystery Stains
  • …and More!

Works on:

  • Fabrics
  • Carpets
  • Car Interiors
  • Computers
  • …and More!

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9 reviews for Kiss-Off® Stain Remover

  1. Jeff G.

    Kiss off just saved a shirt that I thought was a bbq fatality. It worked where Zout and oxiclean failed – awesome.
    Jeff G.

  2. M.K.

    I had gotten blue oil paint on one of my orange fall coats the semester before I even found out about Kiss-Off. As soon as I picked it up, I felt like I should give it a try and low and behold no more dried on oil pain! My jacket was saved. Then weeks later I was checking my the oil level in my car…you guessed it….motor oil on a nice white shirt. Kiss-Off got it out in one application!

    I swear by this stuff it is AMAZING!!!!

  3. V.L

    Our daughter had a dress that had been worn twice, had gotten a stain and could no longer be worn. I tried Kiss-Off® and with two applications, the dress was restored… My husband destroys clothes, I was able to rescue his favorite knit shirts and cotton paints. Money saved!
    V.L., Atlanta, GA

  4. W.F

    My family has just recently installed new carpeting; Dad tracked in some oil or grease on the bottom of his shoes. We all panicked! Then I remembered Kiss-Off® and followed the directions. I wet the stain with water and rolled the stick on the carpet. Now the carpet looks as good as it did before!
    W.F., Anaheim, CA

  5. H.L.B.

    I had a new peach dress and I had gotten grease all over it. There was no way this grease was coming out… but I used Kiss-Off® stain remover and it removed all my stains.
    H.L.B., South Wales, NY

  6. M.L

    Your stain Remover works great on Bingo Ink!
    M.L., Antioch, CA

  7. P.K.

    I am the owner of a consignment clothing shop, and I’ve been using Kiss-Off® ever since I found it one day at the arts & crafts store. It’s absolutely the best thing I know of to get out practically any type of stain, and I recommend it to all my customers.
    P.K., Little Canada, MN

  8. B.F.

    I use Kiss-Off® to get the ink stains off my rubber stamps. Works great for removing the permanent ink that is even waterproof!

  9. B.J.L.

    I spilled indian ink on high pile carpet when i was in gradeschool. Not a lil bit the whole bottle. Mom was not happy and for a couple years it was there. I came across a large chapstick like tube of KISS OFF stain remover. I gave it a try, never tried anything else and never needed to after that. Instruction on tube were followed and the stain was gone forever. Was able to blot carpet with body weight probably helped too. Mom was sceptical but now shes amazed. Now in my 30’s I silkscreen for a living so ink stains are expected hazard with the job. Gonna need to order some kiss off and keep a tube at work to treat stains as they happen.
    B.J.L, Stevens Point, WI

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